Artist Statement
    As an abstract expressionist painter, I am fascinated with the basic scientific principle that energy is neither created nor destroyed.  Energy changes form from potential energy to kinetic energy and back.  I explore the threshold of change; when potential energy becomes kinetic energy.  That energy exists in the creative process of art making as well as life. That tension that makes us hold our breaths in anticipation and the release into eventual movement is the potential and kinetic energy we encounter in everyday life.  
    My works strive to capture these forms of energy that exist in all of us.  I use multi-media including mirror, wood, metal, stained glass, and paper on top of silky oils to achieve a sense of texture and contrast that creates tension.  I also use shapes, lines, and color vigorously applied to achieve a sense of movement and fluidity.  If the potential energy of my idea can move someone to feel an emotion then that is the kinetic energy of life derived from art.  If a work can convey that sense of energy to the observer then the piece has done its job.